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Contact info
Call or text at 413 2972011
Email: [email protected]

Tuition And Policies

Private Lesson Tuition

- Lessons are offered for all ages and all levels of playing.

- There is no long term commitment. Just a two week discontinuation notice is required.

- There is a $20 one time registration fee.

- Violin Rentals are available: Click under "SERVICES OFFERED" for information.

- Tuition is billed monthly

*Rates listed below are based on 4 monthly lessons. There will be no fifth lesson. If a month has five weeks  I will use this extra day to either take some time off or do a make up if I have to rescheduled some lessons.

Fees for WSSF

students $100 per month for 30 minute lessons ($25 per lesson) + $10 Monthly group class

$150 per month for 45 minute lessons ($37.50) + $10 Monthly group class

$200 per month for 1 hour lessons ($50) + $10 Monthly group class

We will have one mandatory group class per month (usually held on a Friday after 5:00 pm) which contributes greatly to the motivation of the students and will prepare the students for concert and recitals.


Students of WSSF enroll for a minimum of one month and the payment for the first month is due prior to the first lesson. Scheduling is subject to teacher availability. Students may preregister for the upcoming term. Students can enroll at any time on a month to month basis.

In order to assume that all parents and students understand the function of Westfield Studio of Strings and Flute. We ask you to take time to read, review and honor the following policy of the studio.

Students of WSSF enroll for a minimum of one month and the payment for the first month is due prior to the first lesson. Scheduling is subject to teacher availability. Students may preregister for the upcoming term. Students can enroll at any time on a month-to-month basis.


1. I understand that I am responsible for payment of tuition due on the last lesson of the preceding month.

2. I understand there are no tuition reductions for vacations, holidays, and absences for any reason and no makeup days unless the school is closed for inclement weather or the teacher is absent. In this case there will be a make-up.

 3. I understand if a lesson is missed for any personal reason, I should not ask for a make up lesson or to be switched to another day or time. If you can not make the make up lesson day set up by the teacher in case of teacher absence (usually during the fifth week) there will be no credit or another make up day within the month. Please understand that the instructor have a full studio, which restricts flexibility in scheduling.

 4. I understand failure to pay tuition after the 10th of the month will result in a $10 late fee and can result in lessons termination.

 5. I understand I must give at least 30 days of notice of withdrawal and I am accountable to pay if the student terminates without prior notice.

 6. I understand excessive absence from lessons will result in lesson termination unless a notice is given.

 7. I understand that for Suzuki string group class for Suzuki students are held once a month and are mandatory and will be added to your monthly tuition. Group classes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Group classes are necessary for performance, proficiency and are a part of the Suzuki training.

 8. I understand there will be no lessons on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the following Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Monthly tuition will remain the same if your lesson falls on these days.

 9. I understand that if I chose to take time off for the summer I will lose my time slot and if I wish to re-take lessons I must re-register. Time slots are only kept for those that keep paying their monthly tuition.

 10. I understand that my tuition will not change depending on the amount of lesson days included in the month. Every  effort will be made to have four lessons.

 11. I understand that my instrument, assigned music, and practice notebook/folder are required for each lesson. You are responsible to keep it in good playable condition.

 12. I understand I will be terminated from Westfield Strings and Flute Studio if I fail to follow these and other rules of the studio.

 13. I understand I will notify WSSF of any change of address, phone, email, etc.

 14. I understand and will honor all regulations, policies and fees.


Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather the studio will follow its own schedule but it is usually open. I will have a notice whether or not the studio will be open on the first page of the web site. If the studio is open and you make the decision not to show then you will lose your lesson. If you can not access a computer, call or text (preferred) at 413 297 2011 

Thank you!

Required Materials:  Please bring your instrument, all assigned music, material and practice notebook/folder to each lesson. Instruments may be rented and other materials purchased at Westfield Performance Music (downstairs) or locally at Stamell Stringed Instruments (18 Kellogg Avenue, Amherst), Gerry's Music (South Hadley), or online retailers such as Shar Music, Johnson Stringed Instruments, Woodwind Brass-wind website.

Parental Involvement and Participation:  Parents of students under the age of seven are required to sit in on all lessons in order to better assist in weekly practicing.  Please bring a notebook in which to take notes on the lesson.
There will be two recitals during the school year which may involve extra rehearsals, and an accompanist fee. $15 per student will be added to your monthly fee during the recital time. (Date, to be determined.) Every student is required to participate.


- It is recommended 30 minutes lesson for beginner children 5-10 years old every week, Suzuki book 1
- It is recommended 45 minutes lesson for beginner children 10-14 years old every week or starting middle of Suzuki book 2.
- It is recommended 45 minutes to one hour  lesson for intermediate children and teenagers 10-14, Suzuki book 2 and above
- It is recommended 45 to 60 minutes for ages 15 and older, once a week - Advanced students, children, teenager, or adults should have 60 minutes lesson per week

For more information please contact us at 413 297 2011 or email at [email protected]. For immediate assistance, please contact Katherine at 413 801 8299